Get To Know About Peel off Gel Base Coat❗️💅

Get To Know About Peel off Gel Base Coat❗️💅

Nido Beauty Peel-off Gel Base Coat is a type of nail gel base coat designed to be easily removable without the need for nail polish remover or acetone. It provides a temporary protective barrier on nails and makes it easier to remove nail polish without damaging natural nails. 

👀These natural resin-based peel-off base coats offer several advantages:

🌟Start with clean, dry nails: Make sure nails are clean and free of any oils, lotions, or other nail products.

🌟Apply the peel-off gel base coat: Brush a thin, even layer of the peel-off base coat onto your nails. Make sure it cures completely before moving on to the next step.

🌟Apply your nail gel polish: After the peel-off gel base coat has cured, you can apply your nail gel polish on top of it. Let the nail gel polish cures completely.

🌟Enjoy your manicure: Your nail gel polish will adhere to the peel-off base coat. Once you're ready to change your nail color or remove your nail gel polish, you can easily peel it off.

💡To remove the nail gel polish, gently use the wood stick or your fingernails to lift a corner of the nail gel polish at the edge, and then peel it off in one piece. The peel-off gel base coat should come off with the nail polish. If you have any residue left on your nails, you can simply wash your hands or use a gentle nail file to remove it.

🔺Keep in mind that the longevity of a peel-off base coat may not be as good as traditional base coats, and it may not be as suitable for long-term wear. It's more ideal for when you want a temporary nail gel color change or if you like to switch up your nail gel polish frequently.


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