How to give yourself a nice DIY gel manicure at home, DIY gel manicure at home

How to Give Yourself A Nice DIY Gel Manicure at Home🏡

Discover the secret to a perfect DIY gel manicure from the comfort of your own home! Get ready for the glossy, salon-quality finish you’ve always dreamed of.💅

Unleash Your Inner Nail Artist-🎨
Tired of those salon appointments? No more! Unveil your inner nail artist and learn how to achieve flawless gel manicures at home—with no fancy equipment needed.

We’ll show you the tips, from preparing your nails to applying gel polish like a Pro, to curing and sealing for a long-lasting, durable result. Say goodbye to chips and smudges, and hello to gorgeous nails that shine!


➡️Cut or file your nails

File Nail, Nail file

❤️Nail File :


➡️Apply cuticle softener on cuticle

Cuticle Remover

❤️Cuticle Softener:


➡️ Push back the cuticle

Cuticle Push

❤️Cuticle Pusher:


➡️ Buff your nail surface

Buffer Nail

❤️Nail buffer:


➡️ Apply a Base coat

Base Coat

❤️Base Coat:


➡️ Cure under nail lamp 

Nail Lamp

❤️Nail LED/UV Lamp:


➡️ Apply with gel polish and cure under nail lamp 

Color Gel

❤️Gel Polish:


➡️ Finish with Top Coat and Cure under nail lamp

Top Coat

❤️Top Coat:


➡️ Apply cuticle oil.😍
Cuticle Oil
❤️Cuticle Oil:






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